A Prescribed Prairie Burn was performed at Lapham Peak on Nov 2 and 17.  About 55 acres on the west side of the Park, and about 2-3 acres on the east side of the park were successfully burned.  The areas outlined in red on the right were the units involved.

The Friends of Lapham Peak contracted Good Oak Ecological Services for most of the work, and the FLP also supplied 8 certified volunteers to assist.  We thank the DNR; they were very supportive of the work and were involved in the planning and certification and permitting of the process.  We also thank the local and county emergency organizations for their support of the project, as well as our local neighbors surrounding the Park for their encouragement and support.

While these areas were worked on, signs were posted, and access to the areas were restricted but the rest of the Park remained open.

Prescribed controlled prairie burns promote the growth of healthy native grasses and wildflowers, minimize invasive plants and trees, and remove thatch that can cause uncontrolled wild fire situations.  Generous funding to make this possible was provided by a Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program grant, and by the Friends of Lapham Peak, and by Dan & Melissa Jarecki, and other private donations.

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