Backpacking Campsite Renovated

Thanks to the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks for the "Incentive Grant" they awarded us with!  With this, volunteers from the Friends of Lapham Peak and our local DNR staff, renovated Lapham Peak's backpacking campsite!  Updates include:

  • a new fire-pit with movable cooking surface
  • 2 new benches
  • a new / refurbished picnic table
  • a chopping block
  • and new paint on the outhouse that is close by

You will also see that we are working on managing the invasive buckthorn and autumn olive trees and bushes at and around this site.  The problem brush has been cut and "mowed" 3 times this year, and has been treated with herbicide.  At the start of the project, the invasive brush was over 10 feet tall and so thick you could not walk through the area.  Plans for re-planting the site with native vegetation are underway, once we are sure the invasives are under control here.

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