2020 CandleHike

2024 Candle Light Hike/Ski – Parking Voucher Required

Important - a Parking Voucher is Required and must be picked up ahead of time (availability will be limited); watch the website for how and when to pick these up


2024 Candlelight Event

Saturday, January 27th

6:00 -8:45 pm Homestead Hollow area

Kettle Moraine State Forest Lapham Peak Unit

W329 N846 County Highway C, Delafield

A 2024 WI State Park annual vehicle admission sticker or a $5.00 Special Event vehicle admission fee is required per car.

In addition to the vehicle admission, a ticket voucher is required for each car that wishes to attend the event. Vouchers are available first-come, first-served. Limit one per person at time of pickup. Vouchers may be picked up at the Lapham Peak office (a time when these will first become available will be added here when that date and time is known).

Carpooling is encouraged. Entrants should arrive during the time frame specified on their Ticket Voucher!

After skiing/hiking/snowshoeing...

  • Warm yourself by the bonfire
  • Bring your own food and grill outside
  • Enjoy treats at Trecker Lodge; donations appreciated

Sponsored by WI DNR and Friends of Lapham Peak - all donations will benefit projects here at Lapham Peak!


Candlelight FAQ

  1. Are dogs allowed?
    • Yes.  If you choose to bring a pet, it MUST be on a leash AT ALL TIMES.  Leash can be no longer than 8’.
  2. What is the trail length?
    • Approximately 1.8 miles but there are 2 places where you can “cut-through” to shorten your distance if desired.
  3. Are there refreshments?
    • Yes, at Trecker Lodge we are planning Hot Beverages and more; donation's appreciated
  4. Is there a fire bonfire/grill?
    • Yes, both
  5. What are the vouchers for?
    • To enter into the event at a specified time listed on the voucher
  6. Are vouchers required per person or by vehicle?
    • Per vehicle
  7. Is there a cost to the vouchers?
    • No
  8. How can I volunteer at the event?
  9. Can you park outside the park?
    • Any parking outside the park will result in parking tickets and possible towing at owner’s expense.
  10. Is there an admission cost?
    • $5 to park your car for the night (special event rate) or have a 2024 State Park Sticker
  11. How do I know how many vouchers are left?
  12. Can I pull my child in a sled
    • Yes, as long as the trail is snow-covered (call close to the event for information)
  13. Is this is a kid friendly event?
    • Yes, but if it's really cold outside, use your own judgement
  14. Is this hike wheelchair/stroller accessible?
    • Yes, Depends upon conditions that day.  If it is actively snowing, it would be difficult to keep the paved path plowed to a clear state throughout the event.  BUT, staff work extremely hard to make sure the paved surface is clear and salted/sanded if conditions are such that it could be viewed as hazardous (you may call closer to check conditions)
  15. Can we ski the candlelight hike?
    • If there is enough snow, yes
  16. If we can ski the hike (on the candle lit trail), will I need a trail pass for the event?
    • No, not on the candle lit trail.  If you ski on the man-made snow (where we will not have candles) then a trail pass is needed as usual
  17. Can we snowshoe the hike?
    • If there is snow, yes, you’re choice to wear snowshoes or boots or skis (on the candle lit trail);  do not snowshoe on the manmade ski trails!
  18. If we can ski or snowshoe, will there be rentals available?
    • Rentals are at the white building on the road to Evergreen; Rentals close at 8 pm. Their phone number is: 262-261-3800


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Jan 27 2024


Details for the Day, Coming Soon
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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