Feel the Burn 5K Run/Walk - June 25 - Lapham Peak

Among Lapham Peaks most popular attractions are its many pristine prairies.

The restoration efforts of the prairies within the park go back a few decades involving an incredible amount of work done by DNR staff  the Friends of Lapham Peak - dedicated volunteers!

One of the most important parts of prairie restoration and maintenance involves fire. Prescribed burning allows natural prairie grasses and flowers to thrive while suppressing invasive species like thistle, buckthorn, honeysuckle, boxelder, and Crown Vetch. These unwanted plants and shrubs are detrimental to our restoration efforts and threaten the prairies we’ve worked so hard to restore.

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In recent years, work responsibilities have changed, and park staff no longer plan or conduct prescribed burns.  The Friends of Lapham Peak have taken over the role of coordinating this work with the help of contracted services in partnership with the park's Property Manager.   The cost of burning our prairies is roughly $85/acre. With several hundred acres of prairie at Lapham, this quickly becomes an expensive venture.

We are excited to announce a new fundraising effort in the form of a 5k run/walk event called “Feel the Burn!” All profits will go towards prescribed burning efforts right here at Lapham Peak.  We hope you will join us at this new event where you will enjoy a run or walk through the various prairies you’re helping to restore and maintain. Come out to Lapham and “Feel the Burn!!”

RESULTS from our 6/25/22 Race are HERE


Together with the Friends of Lapham Peak, our Sponsor for 2022 includes our Burn Contractor!

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