Butterfly Garden and Memorial Brick Path

Our Butterfly Garden was originally created in 1993 to attract pollinators such as butterflies and native bees.  The establishment of a butterfly garden has two obvious rewards--a plethora of blooms and an array of fluttering jewels in a lovely setting.  In the early 2000s the Friends of Lapham Peak received grant money to help the volunteers expand and maintain the garden.   Over one hundred species of plants and flowers can be found in this beautiful and intentional space.

Additionally, a memorial brick pathway winds its way through the garden.  These memorial Bricks are a fundraiser for the Friends, and 100% of the money raised is used here at this Park for projects for the Park.  For more information, see our Memorials Page.

We have a very dedicated team of volunteers who maintain and enhance the garden each year.  In 2023, in addition to a number of enhancements (more plants, a welcoming entrance, more bird baths, etc.), plumbing to bring water for sprinklers was added to the garden via underground pipes.

Photos from the garden are below, and to learn more about the garden and the plants and insects, see our Lapham Peak Interactive website

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