Ski Trail Information

  • During the snow season, the 2.5 mile lighted loop is lit Monday-Saturday until 9pm.
  • The park closes at 5pm on Sundays.
  • Man-made snow is provided on 1.5 miles of trails each season.

There are 17 miles of loop trails with varying degrees of difficulty.  The Green and Purple Loops are the easiest terrain with approximately 2.0 miles, the Blue Loop is intermediate terrain with approximately 5.8 miles and the Black Loop is advanced terrain with approximately 7.0 miles.  When there is snow, there is a 2.5 mile lighted loop. An area ski club and other places offer skiing lessons. There is a blacktopped, Plantation Path, accessible trail for wheelchairs.  The Ice Age Trail also crosses through the park.

Once trails are groomed for skiing, hiking and snowshoeing is NOT permitted on these same trails.  The blacktopped - Plantation Path (accessible trail) is, and the Ice Age Trail is available in the park, as is the full West side of the park (between Highway C and Cushing Road) with its extensive trail system!  See the park map for more information.

Note, we make our own snow each winter! this provides the park with several loops of man-made snow (1.5 miles of snow) usually from mid or late December (once it gets cold enough) and for about the next 3 months once the base is put down!  Our goal is at least 85 days of good quality ski'able snow each season.

Click here for a full sized version of the manmade snow trail map

Donations by Supporters Like YOU make up the 100% of Funding for Snowmaking on the Nordic Ski Trails at Lapham Peak!

To help with these costs, please see our Snowmaking site and donation options:



More information and details regarding Ski Related Rentals, see our Ski Rentals Page



Jan 15, 2022 - Lapham Loppet, Lapham Peak, Delafield, Wisconsin

Thanks to everyone who skied the 2022 Lapham Loppet. The money raised has been donated to snowmaking. Your help to continue the snowmaking project is greatly appreciated!

Results from the 2022  Loppet are:


Wednesday Ski League Jan 5th-Feb 16th 2022

Adult Divisions: M & F in both FREESTYLE and CLASSIC


2021-2022 Lapham Peak Ski League Sponsor


Wednesday Night Adult Ski League

(click for paper brochure & paper entry form)

COURSE: One (1) lap of the lighted ski trail, starting on practice loop to total 4.9 K course. In case of poor snow conditions, lap races WILL be held on the manmade snow loop. Map of trails available at Friends website. Series skiers will keep bib for entire series, but all others please return bib at end of each night. ALL proceeds to Lapham Peak Snowmaking Fund.

COST: $60 FOR SERIES OR $10/night for adults; $5 for students. 2022 Ski trail pass and parking sticker required.

AWARDS: Points are given to everyone each night. Cumulative point scoring system emphasizes participation. 50 pts for 1st place in each division, 49 points for 2nd place, etc. A maximum of 7 ski series races will be held; however, only the top 6 will be counted. End of season awards TBA. You must ski at least three events in a class to be eligible for an award.

ADULT SKI LEAGUE DIRECTOR: Kris Maki (262) 965-2636


2022 Wednesday Night Weekly Results:

2022.16.02.22 Wed Night Ski League Final Points and Placements!

2022.02.16.22 RESULTS

Current Points as of 2.9.22

2022.02.09.22 RESULTS

Current Points as of 2.2.22

2022.02.02.22 RESULTS

2022.01.26.22 RESULTS

2022.01.19.22 RESULTS

2022.01.12.22 RESULTS

2022.01.05.22 RESULTS


Junior (K-12)

Wednesday Night Junior Ski League

(click for paper brochure & paper entry form)

7 Wednesday Night Events* January 5th, 2022 through February 16th, 2022

Course: The distance course consists of one (1) lap around the lighted ski trail, a 4.0 km (2.5 mi) rolling trail, for grades 9-12. A 3.0 km (1.9 mi) inner-lighted ski trail avoiding the two big hills will be used for grades 7-8.  Sprint races of shorter distances on the man-made snow loop may also be scheduled. Race course and technique will be announced on race night, or feel free to contact Mary Eloranta at 262-352-7411. A 1.2 km course will normally be used for the K-6 Advanced division and a 0.7 km course for the K-6 Beginner division.

Technique: The race series consists of alternating freestyle and classical technique races every week depending on snow conditions. Freestyle technique will be allowed on classical technique nights but will not count toward race placement awards. Any technique may be used for the K-6th grade division races.

Classes: Students from Kindergarten thru grade 12 can participate. Boys’ and girls’ divisions for grades 7-8 and 9-12 are offered. K-6th grade beginner and advance divisions will also be offered. Awards will be presented to the winners of each division.

2022 Weekly Results:

2022 Junior Nordics Ski Series Final Results

2022-01-26 Junior Nordics Ski Series Results

2022-01-19 Junior Nordics Ski Series Results

2022-01-12 Junior Nordics Ski Series Results

2022-01-05 Junior Nordics Ski Series Results


Prior Year Results:

2021.02.17 Wed Night Adult Ski League results

2021.02.17 Wed.Night Adult Ski League FINAL points 2021.02.17

2021-02-17 Junior Nordics Ski Series Results-1

Final Summary Junior Nordic Ski Series 2021




Tuesday Ski League - Time Trial Series - Jan 4th-Feb 15th 2022

Click for Flier

COURSE:  Start and Finish at Timing Shed near Evergreen Trailhead.  Ski 3 laps of longest manmade ski loop.  Each loop is 1.67K.  See map of trails on or DNR website.

TIMING: Please time yourself and email your 5K time and Time of Day skied to Mike Graham by 9pm on each Tuesday:

AWARDS:  Points are given to everyone each night.  Cumulative point scoring system emphasizes participation.  50 pts for 1st place in each division, 49 points for 2nd place, etc.   A maximum of 7 ski series races will be held; however, only the top 6 will be counted.  End of season awards TBA. Results posted on or this website. You must ski at least three events in a class to be eligible for an award.


2022 Tuesday Timed Weekly results:

Tue Time Trial Final Results Feb 15 2022

Lapham TT 02-08-22

Lapham TT 02-01-22

Lapham TT 01-25-22

Lapham TT 01-18-22

Lapham TT 01-11-22

Lapham TT 01-04-22


2021 Results: Thank you to all the Tuesday Nordic Ski League participants. Thank you to Jim Marschalek for making it happen:

Tuesday Ski Races Timetrial Final 2021

If you have questions, please email:

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Lapham Loppet

2020 January 18th Lapham Loppet Results!



For older Ski Series, see this Page!

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