Wisconsin Friends Explore Challenge 2022

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Wisconsin currently has 66 state park units, covering more than 60,570 acres, 43 State Trails open to the public, covering more than 1,700 miles, and more than 6,000 campsites in the Wisconsin State Park System.

That’s a lot to choose from!

All of us have a favorite. Whether it’s a state park along the bluffs of the Mississippi River or along the shores of Lake Superior, or the Southern Kettle Morraine, or near the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. Wisconsin has so many choices.

And, that is what the Wisconsin Friend’s Challenge for 2022 is all about - offering choices. We encourage families and individuals to expand their horizons. Find something new and wonderful. Experience Wisconsin’s great outdoors.

Start new traditions and memories.

The Wisconsin Friends Challenge for 2022 has over forty challenges. Challenges encompassing flora and fauna, camping, horseback riding, biking, photography, and a few more. This year, there are even challenges just for children.

The challenge is set to start March 22 - the Spring Equinox.

Wisconsin Friend’s Explore Challenge for 2022 has created an app, enabling our challenge seekers to search out nearby challenges easily. The app has special photography enhancements making it easy to create instant memories and share with others on social media if you wish.

All challenges need to be completed from March 22, 2022 through September 22, 2022, on WSPS (Wisconsin State Park System) properties (DNR park guide)


The 2022 Challenge is now an App! Yes! You can have all of the information for Challenge 2022 in the palm of your hand.

The Challenge App is Free. It isn't available from an app store like the Apple App Store or Android Play.

Using progressive web app (PWA) technology, you can install the Challenge app to your mobile devices and even Desktop or Laptop computers with the "Add to Home Screen" option that appears when you open an app in a browser. After adding an app to your home screen, you can use it just like a native app.

You can view all of the challenges, complete registration, take and submit photos, and more.

The challenge app can be installed on your phone with a link or a QR code.

  • Using your phone, type in this link into the search bar: https://bit.ly/fwspchallenge, or

  • Click on the link to add the icon to your mobile device or computer home screen, or

  • Scan the QR Code with your mobile device, or

  • Email the above link to your mobile device, open your email, and click the link

Finally, add the app to your home screen. You are set to seek out your favorite Challenges!

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