DNR plans to add Hunting at Lapham Peak

The DNR has determined that Lapham Peak is becoming overpopulated with deer. To prevent starvation and disease, the DNR is proposing that Lapham Peak be opened to bow hunting during the normal archery season for deer and turkeys.  (Today, no hunting of any type is allowed at Lapham Peak).

We do not know if other safer options were considered.

Many other law/rule changes are also currently being proposed to address other DNR parks, forests, and managed lands. However, we are just focusing our notification on the matter of hunting at Lapham Peak in the event you want to provide comments to the DNR.  (The larger set of proposed changes can be found using the DNR's press release: https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/topic/parks/codechanges#comments)

To comment, send an email and identify yourself, your address, and your comments to: DNRFWPPRGuidance@wisconsin.gov by December 10thWhile not a requirement, it would help the DNR connect your comments to the issue if you include this number in your email:  NRB Order Number PR-03-20, Section 140, NR 45.13 (18)

Not all of Lapham Peak would be open to hunting. Many acres would be restricted due to:

  • Too close to buildings, roads, too close to the campsite, or tower, or parking lots, or too close to the residences on or near the property.
  • Some of the land is permanently restricted by “deed” as it was given or sold to the Park with the stipulation that it not be hunted on.

Of course, while those restrictions make it sound safer in the areas where most people hike or ski, it adds to the challenge to communicate to hikers, skiers, and hunters what is open and what is closed to hunting.

As a point of reference, Lapham Peak sees 600,000 people each year, or 50,000 people each month, and most of those people use the east side of the park. The DNR prepared the attached map of potential hunting areas and areas closed to hunting. Areas open to hunting would still be open to hikers and skiing, though hikers and skiers would be advised to wear appropriate colors.

This webpage is provided by the Friends of Lapham Peak (FLP), not the DNR, and is the opinion of the FLP.



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