Deer Hunting Removed from Current DNR Proposal for Lapham Peak

A Proposal to allow Bow Hunting of Deer and Turkeys at Lapham Peak has been Removed from the current plans, pr-03-20-adoption

From the notes in that document:

Comments were received both for and against bow hunting at Lapham Peak; more than 500 comments in total. Comments in favor of bow hunting cited issues with the current deer population including ticks, damage to landscaping, and the high potential for accidents on the county highway that runs through the property. A number of the people who commented in opposition to the proposal who commented expressed concern about safety and the compatibility of different types of property use. While hunters and people engaged in other forms of outdoor recreation have a lengthy and positive track record of safely sharing our public lands, more than 40 comments mentioned horses (there are 4.8 miles of horse trails at Lapham Peak) and several cited the incident at Kettle Moraine State Forest Southern Unit in 2020 when a horse was shot with a bow and subsequently euthanized.1 Approximately 78% of comments were opposed to the hunting proposal and 22% were in favor.  

The department has removed rule language which would have established that archery hunting is allowed for deer and turkey in response to significant feedback received during the comment period. Hunting by members of the public is generally the preferred way to remove and utilize wild game animals when they pose a nuisance because they are a public resource. However, the department has and will continue to investigate other available approaches and will pursue a separate process to determine the most appropriate measures for managing deer and turkey populations at Lapham Peak

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